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How many times have you tried fitting everything inside a suitcase to no avail? How many times has your bag failed you while you’re crossing a huge airport full of people?

Well, with Luggagist, you can say good bye to all of that suffering!

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We get it. Traveling is no small feat – especially the packing part. That’s why we, a group of best friends who share the love for traveling and adventures, decided to start Luggagist.com.

The moment we met each other, which was years ago, we knew that we were going to share every adventure and trips – and that’s exactly what happened. Through Luggagist, we want YOU to become a part of our never-ending journey.

Luggagist is more than an online blog. This is a personal journal, on which we share our opinion about travel-related products and items as well as tips and tricks that will help make your adventures a helluva lot better.


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Mission & Vision

Our mission is quite simple: we want to become the number one travel blog in the world – one that’s driven by passion, enthusiasm, and love for what we do. Through our guides and reviews, we aim at helping every adventurer, such as yourself, enhance their experience while on the move.

We don’t want you to just read our blog. We want you to become a part of it. Stop hesitating, pack your clothes, and don’t let the fun ride pass you by!

So, what do you say? Are you interested in becoming a part of our adventure and upping your travel game?

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