Smart and Futuristic Luggage

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

Innovation and technology are reaching the most unpredictable spaces, and the world of luggage is not an exemption.

Indeed, every human invention aims to cover some needs, and that’s when innovation comes in to bring you the suitcases of the future, including the best technological advances and futuristic designs.

Some of the smart suitcases you will find in the market may go unnoticed, but here we show you the main features you can find in the suitcases of the future.

So, what are the best smart and futuristic suitcases?


The idea of incorporating technology into a concept as traditional as suitcases is a way of showing that there are factors in them that need improvement, and many technological advances can be incorporated into the suitcases… and these benefits are more than welcome.

Luggage that follows you!

It seems like a science fiction fantasy, but this concept is already on the market. Suitcases that you don’t have to carry, but that continue to monitor your position through your cell phone.

Similarly, this facilitates traveling, especially to people with reduced mobility or with some problem that makes it difficult for them to carry a conventional suitcase. Although its development is still in its initial stages, the possibilities offered by this type of suitcase show us a clear commitment to innovation and revolution in a sector that can bring us many benefits.

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EGQLQ Luggage Suitcase Travel Suitcase Electric Luggage. Automatically Follow Trolley Case Anti-Lost Alarm for Weekend Getaways or International Carry-on

smart luggage
  • Fingerprint unlocking. Built-in living fingerprint chip, you can open the box in only 2 seconds, can store 5-fingerprint information.
  • Unique looking. Futuristic and eye-catching design will turn all eyes at the airport and throughout your journey.
  • Effortless handling. Smooth roll wheels, ergonomic and easy grab handles.
  • Lightweight & durable. Easy to clean, shock resistance and lightweight.
  • Adhere to airline weight restrictions.
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Besides, this suitcase has the advantages you need to travel with peace of mind as it includes greater security with its fingerprint Unlocking. So, say goodbye to your keys… you will no longer use them with a suitcase of this category.

In addition, it seems like a science fiction movie item, and best of all, despite all the technology that includes as tracking sensors is a lightweight suitcase and will not represent a problem during your trip. Click Here to Check Current Price

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Cowarobot Auto-follow Smart Luggage 20″ Carry-on Suitcase with USB Charging Ports (Black)

smart luggage
  • The world’s first Auto-follow suitcase.
  • ● Hands-free control.
  • ● Smart obstacle avoidance.
  • ● Intelligent tracking.
  • ● USB Charging Ports.

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This suitcase is what we often imagine but rarely think of it as a reality.

With it, you will no longer be afraid to leave the suitcase somewhere because it will always follow you.

This smart luggage not only has a motion sensor, but also has USB ports so you can also keep all your devices always loaded and available.

The fastest luggage

First of all, we know that a suitcase isn’t accompanied by peace. It is associated with hurry and short boarding time, and above all, to travel great distances in airports.

So, this suitcase brings you an extra speed, many times even surpassing the speed of your steps. A motorized suitcase with the ability to transport its owner is as simple as taking the concept of suitcase on wheels and take it one-step further.

In fact, you’ll have on your hands a robust suitcase that will contain your belongings, and on the other hand, a motorized vehicle that will save you time when moving between terminals of an airport or through the corridors of the train station.

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Tuuertge Travel Hardside Luggage Case Electric Scooter Travel Boarding Case 20 Inches Electric Luggage Car Smart Charging Luggage Free Steering Portable Trolley Spinner Wheels Luggage

smart luggage
  • 360-degree wheel system. So, you can glide through the flat road.
  • Light and firm. 100% aluminum alloy, which is strong and resistant to compression. It can bear a maximum load of 120KG.
  • Luggage frame. Weighs only 4.6KG.
  • ● Unique look. The eye-catching design will turn all eyes at the airport.
  • Lightweight & durable. Easily cleaned, impact resistance and lightweight construction
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Although it seems that everything has already been invented. The world of the suitcases doesn’t stop surprising us with the models and proposals that make us imagine a different and easier future to enjoy trips.

This suitcase will make your trip easier. It is made of a resistant material that will allow you not only to carry your items, but also to start your trip from the first moment you use it, with its comfortable wheels, this scooter will help you make your trip more fun.

Now, you won’t have any excuses for being late to your boarding gate.

You will be go much faster than any other traveler at the airport!


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Rydebot Cavallo- Smart Motorized Scooter Rideable Suitcase/Luggage for Adults/Kids with Removable Battery, USB Charging Ports, Aluminum Alloy Frame, Bluetooth, TSA Lock, LED Lights, Silver

smart luggage
  • Dimensions. 19.25″ x 22.83″ x 14.37″
  • Weight. 32 LB. it is strong enough to hold external weight of up to 220 pounds.
  • Removable battery. Powered by a 250-watt electric motor and lithium battery.
  • Built-in Dual USB Charging Ports. That allows you to charge your electronic devices while you are on the go.
  • ● 3-hours charging time. It takes about 3 hours to charge the 185wh battery.
  • ● TSA combination lock. Most fun part of riding Rydebot Cavallo is its Bluetooth speaker where you can listen to your favorite music while you ride.
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This luggage turns into a smart rideable “scooter” suitcase powered by a removable lithium battery. Just turn on the switch to extend the front wheel and extend the handlebar. Sit on the suitcase, rev the throttle on the handlebar and you are ready for a fun “ride”.

The luggage is made of a double widened aluminum alloy frame that reinforces the suitcase from all sides. Its unique electric brake system is easy to use with just one push of a button for safe riding.

Once the battery is charged, you can ride between 9 to 12 miles at the maximum speed of 6.2 miles per hour.

In short, ihis smart luggage is incredible to make your passage by the airport a comfortable experience since it will transfer you wherever you want, without making the minimum effort.

Charger case

Nowadays, one of the main problems we have when traveling is the long travel times in which phones discharge. In other words, the battery life of our mobile phones is a limitation.

As a consequence, this forces you to look for plugs to recharge your devices for a while. To make things worse, this makes you wait for the charge to increase. But thanks to this new concept of luggage, you can take advantage of every step through the airport, through the city or on the way to the museum you want to visit.

smart luggage
smart luggage
  • ● Digital scale. Weigh your bag while packing to ensure the weight meets requirements, saving you time and money at the airport.
  • ● Charge on the go. 2 USB charging ports.
  • Proximity alert. This suitcase notifies you if your bag leaves or comes into your proximity.
  • Security. TSA approved 3-digit combination.
  • Double spinner wheels. 360° dual spinner wheels designed for effortless mobility and
  • stability.

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Expandable luggage

Space is critical in luggage. The more space there is, the more capacity there is to carry your belongings and nothing is left out. In fact, the eternal search for balance is not a problem anymore with the expandable and collapsible suitcases.

smart luggage
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Briggs & Riley Baseline-Softside CX Expandable Medium Checked Spinner Luggage, Black, 25-Inch

smart luggage
  • Expandable Luggage. This swivel wheeled bag expands 2.5 inches for up to 25% more packing space. Cinch-down mesh garment panels keep contents from shifting and minimize wrinkling.
  • Free TSA lock included.
  • Durable Construction. Made with ballistic nylon outer fabric that resists wear, moisture, dirt and abrasion.
  • Lifetime Guarantee. Unconditional lifetime guarantee if your bag is ever broken or damaged.
  • Engineered for Reality. With innovative handles, pockets, wheels and expansion systems for high functionality and more storage space.
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With this suitcase, you will never have the problem of lack of space, its capacity increases by 25%. Likewise, it has the incredible capacity to compact that 25% to maintain safe your belongings and avoid problems with airlines due to the size of the suitcase.

It is made of a very resistant material, which will let you know that your luggage is always perfectly protected and safe (because it has a TSA insurance).

Its mechanism is simple. Expand your suitcase, insert all the content you need to make your trip, and then, compress the suitcase to expel all its air and take your luggage without leaving gaps or free objects that can break in the ups and downs inside the suitcase. And on your return, there is no need to worry if you have bought a few souvenirs. Your suitcase will be able to carry them without problems after unfolding and compressing again.

 A true wonder for most travelers!

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In a few words, these smart luggage are just the beginning of a whole change and a great path that awaits us in the future to make our trips a more comfortable and pleasant experience.

Every day more technological advances are added to the suitcases, and within a few years, our luggage will be completely integrated to our smartphones. In the meantime, these are our best picks for you.

Have a good trip!

 “The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life”- Bill Gates

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