How to Fix Luggage Handle That Is Stuck

How to Fix Luggage Handle That Is Stuck

How to fix luggage handle that is stuck

Many people throw away their suitcase or carry on bag just because the luggage handle or some other parts are broken. But we’re here to tell you that you can avoid this common mistake as most of the time, the handle is easily repairable.

Unfortunately, up to this day, luggage mechanisms are still pretty basic things, which means they can get stuck or even break. Additionally, most of these parts tend to be very generic, hence the ability to replace them once they break. However, if they aren’t generic, then you can always look for some spare parts that’ll quickly replace the broken ones.

The first place that you should be checking for parts is Amazon, as they usually offer an extensive collection of parts, directly delivered to you from the manufacturer, at a low price.

Here are a few steps that you can follow to identify the cause of your faulty handle, and how to tackle it:

Identify the Issue

Firstly, you need to check the following: are you able to quickly press down the tab of the handle? And does the handle seem like it’s stuck in the holder?

One way to thoroughly check what might be causing the issue is to open the suitcase and expose the handle sliders which run through the rear of the bag. Make sure to check if they’re bent or damaged in any way. Then move to the pins, make sure that they’re still springy.

Once you do these two things, you’ll most likely know what the cause of the issue is.

The Handle is stuck in a Closed Place

This common issue has a straightforward solution; all you have to do is to take a flat-headed screwdriver and slip it between the push and the back of the framework. This will often loosen it up, which ought to return it to a functioning state.

The Deal is trapped in an Open Place

This might happen because of two things:

  • The telescopic handle’s hooks are getting stuck in their holes
  • The telescopic rods are not coming into contact with the trigger mechanism of the handle

You can efficiently deal with both issues by following the next steps.

The Pins of the Telescopic Handle are getting stuck

The solution to this issue is a straightforward one, and it doesn’t include opening the suitcase. Most cases have a zip at the base within the bag, unzip it, and you’ll get a closer look at the inner frame of the case and the runners of the handle.

First, make sure the hooks are moving in and out, if so then they’re working correctly. But in some cases, they get stuck, and the remedy to this is quite simple. cello tape. Wind some of the tapes around the holes so that the pins can properly fix to them. This ought to stop it from getting stuck and will consequently free the handle and allow it to move in and out.

Another method that some people have tested before revolves around making the holes of the telescoping sticks bigger to ensure that they can quickly move in and out. This is achievable using a drill or a file, and your sole aim is to make the holes slightly larger.

Sometimes, the inner trigger mechanism of the handle is a bit loose, which stops it from coming into contact with the telescopic pole. An easy way to fix this is to open a couple of screw in the handle frame and have a quick peek at the cable if it’s stuck in any way, then smoothen it with a file and re-insert it into the handle, and you should be good to go! That’s it, that’s how to fix luggage handle that is stuck!


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