How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out

How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out

How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out

Flights are getting fuller, security lines are longer than ever, and the struggle with luggage is getting worse.

We’re going to assume that from experience, you have realized that most people have basic looking suitcases that air either dark-colored or just black, which look highly similar.

Now, that’s a recipe for lost luggage. And for this reason alone, having a unique and distinctive bag can reduce the time you’ll be spending in the airport by a considerable margin. It’ll obviously help you spot your bag on the carousel quicker than ever, and it might in some way discourage theft too.

So, in order to help you keep all your luggage safe and secure, here are ten different ways to make your luggage look unique:

1.     Get a Distinguishable Luggage Tag

Replace the standard-issue airline luggage tags with bigger, and more colorful, unique looking stickers. Maybe even get a tag of your favorite fictional character or something (Chewbacca for example), and if you’re looking to make it even more unique, maybe also consider writing something on the tag itself.

2.     Create a Pattern

You can design a unique design on the front or the back of your suitcase using some duct tape. It can be anything from your initials to your full name or a random pattern that only you will understand.

3.     Get Some Colorful Tape

Wrap your suitcase’s handles with some tape, preferably one with bright colors. Most people go for the handles of their bags first, which means a colorful and unique tape will most likely tell you which one is yours.

4.     Get some Art

Go to the nearest local craft store and grab some spray or fabric paint, and use your luggage as a canvas. Draw some personal patterns, which range from pets to insignias, to whatever comes to your mind. Just make sure that the colors you’re using and the pattern you’re drawing are easily recognizable from a distance.

5.     Get Some Colorful Accents

You can always attach some colorful ribbons, lanyards, zip ties, fabric, carabiners, bungee cords, or scarves to the handles of your suitcase or the zipper ends.

6.     Purchase a Colorful Luggage Belt

Looking for a simple answer to How to Make Your Luggage Stand Out? Grab a luggage belt and wrap it around your bag. In addition to keeping your luggage tight at all times, these belts can act as a reminder of which bag is yours. Just make sure that the belt you’re getting rocks some flashy colors.

7.     Wrap Your Luggage in Caution Tape

Some airports offer you this option for a fee, but you can always do it on your own, for free. Wrapping your suitcase in caution tape is a humorous, yet effective way of making it stand out in the crowd of other basic, dark-colored, bags.

8.     Grab some Travel Stickers

Take a step back to the good old days where travel stickers were the cool thing. In addition to showing off all the places where you’ve been, travel stickers can act as a way to make your suitcase unique looking.

9.     Use Patches

You can sew some patches in a visible spot yourself, or grab some at a fabric store or online. If you can’t sew the patches onto the soft parts of your luggage, then simply attach them using safety pins. That’s how easy it is to Make Your Luggage Stand Out.

10.  Just Get a Unique Looking Suitcase

While colorful suitcases might look ugly in the eyes of most people, they’re unique. If you’re a busy person and you won’t have the time nor the will to decorate your luggage, just grab a new unique-looking one.


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